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You’ve got the ideas, words, and aspirations

I help you put them into the world.

Writers write. Maybe you’d like to get started as a blogger. Or perhaps you have the start of a Pulitzer prize winning novel tucked away in a drawer or on a hard drive somewhere. I’ve coached dozens of writers through the process of finally getting that book written and published, or establishing a blog and building its audience, or simply finding their voice. Whatever your vision as a writer, I’d love to help you on the journey.



Before working with Chris, I lacked self-confidence in writing & filming videos — I was afraid people wouldn’t respond to my content. He guided me to find my “voice,” go 10x deeper with my writing and showed me how I could grow & connect with my audience. Thank you Chris for showing me what I am capable of!
— Eunice
Chris is amazing and never gave up on me. On point messages, inspirational, motivational and of course accountable. Totally recommend him to anybody who wants to start writing, improve writing or get a book done.
— Elena
I’ve been struggling to turn writing into a daily habit for years. Chris has helped me do just that. I’m nowhere near as daunted by the empty page as I was a few short months ago, and I’ve made substantial strides towards conquering my crippling perfectionism.
— Jon
Chris helped me create the daily writing habit that I have wanted for YEARS and never seemed to be able to do on my own. I now write regularly each week and have four articles published, with more on the way. My writing has also led to other business opportunities. Hiring Chris was easily one of the best decisions I made this year.
— Emma


I’ll tailor my coaching approach to suit your needs, vision, and goals. With over 10 years of total coaching experience, I’m able to work with you to determine what approach will best tap your potential, and then use that approach to help you thrive as a writer.

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About Me

I’m chris sowers

This work is my calling, as it allows me to combine two things I love to do most — write and coach others. I’ve been writing stories since I was able to hold a pencil, graduating to short stories and most recently to nonfiction blog posts on things like leadership and family life. A collection of my nonfiction work will be out in book format soon, and I’m currently working on a novel for young adults.

I’m a husband and father of three boys — ages 14, 11, and 9 — who do their best to keep me away from the keyboard, either by playing Cataan or FIFA 19, or by driving them to every soccer field within a 50-mile radius of our home.

You can read some of my writing on Medium and on my personal blog.