Ready to turn your podcast into a book?

I help podcasters write Amazon bestsellers that amplify their message, grow their audience, and build authority.

You’ve already done the hard part — created the content. I can help you reach a new audience by putting it into print. With the full range of services below, we can transform the ideas you’ve already put into the world into a bestselling book.

Raw Content to Bestseller

This option is best for clients with very little time to work on their book project themselves. I’ll work directly with your podcast content to turn it into a bestseller in at least one Amazon category. Just point me to your content, and I’ll do the rest.

Guided Publishing

This option is best for clients who’d prefer to do the writing themselves, but would like someone to handle the editing, layout work, and publication. I’ll help structure your podcast content into a cohesive book, provide editing and feedback on your writing, and do the behind-the-scenes work to get you published.

Content-to-Book Coaching

This option is best for clients who’d like to do most or all of the “dirty work” themselves, but need guidance along the way. I’ll coach you through every element of structuring your podcast content into the form of a book and getting it published.

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